In collaboration with Small Anchor Press, ND/SA publishes first chapbooks by NYC poets.

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Chang / Broadside
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2017-2018 Chapbook Series



Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz / Estoy Tristeza / 2018

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Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz is a multimedia artist, curator, and educator born in Lima, Perú. Her work primarily touches on the imprint of inter-generational trauma within her own family in relationship to place and migration. She is the Teen Programs Coordinator at the Brooklyn Museum, the visual arts co-curator at Nat Brut as well as a founding member and co-curator of Sweety’s, a gallery and platform dedicated to supporting and exhibiting artists of color. In addition, Izquierdo Ugaz is the author of the self-published Standing in the Bathroom in the Dark Thinking About Green and El Mismo Pozo/The Same Well. Her work has appeared in FEELINGS. You can follow her at @besodemoza. 


Viktoria Peitchev / Exile in Orbit / 2018

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Viktoria Peitchev grew up outside of Munich, Germany, where she attended an international school. She received a BA in Sociology from the University of York and an MA in English Literature from Brooklyn College. She has taught elementary school, given private German lessons, and worked as a personal and editorial assistant. She makes her home in Brooklyn, NY, with Sam Beebe, and their son, Niko. Exile in Orbit is her first publication.


Joshua Escobar / Caljforkya Voltage / 2017

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Joshua Escobar aka DJ Ashtrae makes poetry into a kind of music. He mixes family drama with travelogues, interviews about the HIV epidemic with biographies of Mexican immigrants, the lyrical with the actual, English with Spanish. Caljforkya Voltage records his imaginary journey through a dreamy dystopia known for its heat, far from the ocean and fueled by the shipping industry, a dystopia based off of his beloved hometown, San Bernardino.

In the summer of 2016, DJ Ashtrae graduated from the Master of Fine Art program at Bard College where he was the Dean’s Fellow in Writing, as well as the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was a Merit Fellow. He is a CantoMundo fellow. He lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with dj lil piñata. IG: djashtrae17.

Marwa Helal / I Am Made To Leave I Am Made To Return / 2017

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Marwa Helal is the winner of BOMB Magazine’s Biennial 2016 Poetry Contest and has been awarded fellowships from Poets House, Brooklyn Poets, and Cave Canem. Born in Al Mansurah, Egypt, Helal currently lives and teaches in Brooklyn, New York. She received her MFA in creative nonfiction from The New School and her BA in journalism and international studies from Ohio Wesleyan University.


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Chialun Chang / One Day We Become Whites / 2016

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Writing rapidly, and into a language is to create a new language entirely. The poems in One Day We Become Whites resist and embrace perspectives that render us simultaneously complicit and resistant to otherness or privilege, but they are more than just an important cultural critique of our moment in America.

The poems in this collection are love poems made of complex emotions. They are poems that help us see how something can be scary and beautiful at the same time. Chialun Chang’s images are expansive and fast, but accessible. It is as if we are following Chang down the street and she is always seven steps ahead of us to remind us that the emotions we digest are not always great, but even the most bitter can be light, even the most ordinary can be complex.

Launch reading featured in Asian in NY, as well as at CNA.comApple Daily, and ET Today

Chialun Chang is a visual artist and writer born in Taipei and now living in NYC. She is recipient of a 2015 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Fellowship from NYFA and a 2016 Emerging Writers Fellowship from Poets House.


Shante' Cozier / Sometimes Angels / 2015

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Shante' Cozier is an artist who believes in the power of stories. Cozier received a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from SUNY New Paltz and is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at the City College of New York. She’s a New York Writers Coalition workshop facilitator, leading writing workshops for groups of all ages in Canarsie. Shante’ Cozier has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and the Caribbean in order to gain a global perspective on creating an environment where art can be utilized as a vehicle for transformation. 

Isabel Sobral Campos / Material / 2015

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In Material, by Isabel Sobral Campos, the language of the body, of landscape, of the interior of hospitals, of undersea creatures, of the digital world, are collaged as a poem cycle whose words repel and attract, ordering the chaos of a body’s cancer. Boog City says of the chapbook, “Her words permeate our being; dense, textured, auratic; the syllables limitless as to where they can drift, fall, seed, and harm.”

*Includes code for a digital recording of the chapbook.*

excerpt posted at Medium

Recording available at PEN American Center and at PEN’s Soundcloud

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Isabel Sobral Campos holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the CUNY Graduate Center. She recently left Brooklyn to teach literature at Montana Tech of the University of Montana. Her poems have appeared in Smoking Glue Gunthe gobbetGauss PDFBone Bouquet and Deluge, among others. Material is her first chapbook.

Emily Skillings / Linnaeus: The 26 Sexual Practices of Plants / 2014

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The Swedish author August Strindberg wrote that, “Linnaeus was in reality a poet who happened to become a naturalist.” Through Skillings, we meet the poet in Linnaeus. Linnaeus who opens his mouth and a new word flies out, who touches his ear and hears, “you are making sense,” who celebrates in private. Despite an attempt to atomize and categorize, things become other things: his hand becomes a part of his desk, little human turds tumble out of the esophagus of an elevator, leaves become buttons. Sure, he laid the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme of binomial nomenclature but in Skillings’ portrait, he’s also somewhat wayward, prone to irritability, and like the best of us, a little dirty.

Linnaeus was first published in Issue 1 of Stonecutter: A Journal of Art & LiteratureSTEM & Leaf calls Linnaeus “luscious and spare,” and Time Out names it one of Ten Chapbooks to Read Now.

Skillings' other chapbook, Backchannel, is out from Poor Claudia. Recent poems can be found in the Philadelphia Review of BooksStonecutterMaggyElderlyBone BouquetBig Lucks and Poor Claudia :: Crush. Skillings dances for The Commons Choir and presents her own choreography in New York. She lives in Brooklyn, where she is a member of the Belladonna* Collaborative, a feminist poetry collective and event series.

David Feinstein / Woods Porn: The Adventures of Little Walter / 2014

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The poems in Woods Porn take you deep into the wet cave of Little Walter’s pants, to a place that is familiar, estranged, and dirty as a little boy’s waterlogged cock. Part Freud, part Whitman, these poems delve into the id of Little Walter, with all of its sparkling, terrible complexities.

David Feinstein’s poems have appeared in Tin HouseForklift, OhioThe Atlas Reviewsmoking glue gunIlk Journal, and No, Dear. He lives in Western Massachusetts, where he studies and teaches English at Umass-Amherst and helps to edit jubilat.

Brian Trimboli / The Brothers, Perdendo and Perdendosi / 2013

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Trimboli writes of how each generation bears onward despite the previous one, that the children might indeed master the meaningless: to rename, they might establish a little control. They endure.  This even, breathing, blood-rich narrative made me want to squeeze everyone I have ever known for just one more drop of meaning.     — Amy Lawless

The brothers and their father are delightfully specific, but also tragic Everymen. Trimboli’s concerns are with masculinity’s sad and inexorable toll on youth, in a way that’s mythic and particular, heartbreaking and beautiful all at once.     — Matthew Rohrer

Brian Trimboli’s poems have appeared in Gulf CoastIndiana Review, and Forklift, Ohio. He has received fellowships from NYU and Bucknell University, and is currently a PhD candidate at Binghamton University.

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