Cover Art by Ivaylo Gueorgiev & Eric Pitra

Cover Art by Ivaylo Gueorgiev & Eric Pitra

Issue 8 Metal

Fall 2011

Guest edited by Levi Rubeck.

Issue release reading at Pete's Candy Store on Friday, November 11th at 7PM.


Paige Taggart   from Gift Horse
Julian Brolaski   of mongrelitude
Seth Graves   Virginia
Anne Marie Rooney   Tripod Sonnet
Iris Cushing   Because this winter I am the same age Otis Redding was when he died
Hanna Andrews   from The Frames
Austin LaGrone   Prince Albert
Amber West   Pittsburgh
B.C. Edwards   from The Standard Cyclopedia of Recipes, No. 818: How to Temper Knife Blades
Gracie Leavitt   Backwards Compatible
Brian Trimboli from In Rilievo’s Soliloquy


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