Cover Art by Eric Amling

Cover Art by Eric Amling

Issue 10 Facsimile

Fall 2012

Issue release reading at Pete's Candy Store on Friday, November 16th at 7PM.

Online Supplement at, designed by Haoyan of America


Boona Daroom   New Century, Lorie/Lorikeet, and Axolotl
Robert Fitterman   LEDGER: DAY 7
Adam Soldofsky   from Panorama-O-Rama
David Feinstein   GLITTER FACTORY
Georgia Faust   Of Public Record
Amanda Calderón   Elegy in Cyrillic
Marina Blitshteyn   Kaddish
Steven Zultanski   Lives
Alexandra Mendez-Diez   No means no
Jennifer Nelson   Tiepolo as Punchinello
Monica McClure   MENDACITY
Elsbeth Pancrazi   We were on the couch, Overhearing
Leopoldine Core   BOOTH
Matt Reeck    A Duplicate Copy
Matt L. Rohrer   This Peel is Really Hard to Remove
Ben Fama   DURBIN
Montana Ray    COXSACKIE


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