Cover Art by Felipe Meres

Cover Art by Felipe Meres


Issue 15 Violence

Spring 2015

Guest edited by Caitie Moore.

Issue release reading at Wythe Hotel Screening Room on Friday, May 8th at 8PM.


Saretta Morgan   fact #7
Legacy Russell   Telegramour
Lara Lorenzo   HABIT
Jennifer MacKenzie   Breaking Ariel
Amber Atiya   overheard 3 am on guy brewer blvd
Harmony Holiday   The Black Entertainer’s Fast   Pleasure Blues
Barb Smith   I am
Joe Mullen   NOTE TO MY FRIEND 1
Ali Power   Mistranslation XXXIII or Ultraviolence
Brenda Iijima   from BIONIC COMMUNALITY
Rico Frederick   Blood coughed across the sky
Matt L. Rohrer  I Can See Half My Life in Your Face
Harmony Holiday   Recognition Scene / Little Chromatic Solutions
Morgan Vo   city hat


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